Liberation: Love of God - The Ultimate Goal

                                                                  Q. Some of the stories in the Bhagavatam are like Sci Fi or Fantasy novels. How do we know they were not just made up by man, legends based on good spiritual ideas to give us spiritual knowledge in a way the culture at the time could understand. I believe there is a God, I believe without doubt there is an after life and reincarnation to help us grow spiritually. I do not believe karma is a punishment or a reward but a way to grow spiritually. I do not believe in transmigration because what would be the point ...

                                                                  Bhagavad-gita Chapter 12.8-12 offers us a sequence of elevation to perfection. The Yoga Ladder similarly offers us such a sequence.

                                                                  Q. 1. How do these two descriptions compare?

                                                                  Q. 2. It seems that there is a discrepancy between the two lists regarding where in sequence one places karma-yoga. Can you explain?

                                                                  Different things, Krsna consciousness included, can be viewed from different angles. Depending on the angle of viewing something, descriptions may differ even of the same object.

                                                                  Q: Although I heard in different classes about the temporary nature of this body and associated attachments and relations, when it comes to practicality I forget everything and act in a very unpleasing way, for which I regret very badly later. Could you kindly explain me how is it possible to remember this at the very unpleasant situations and apply practically and take shelter in such difficulties?


                                                                  Without being attached to Krishna, we will be attached to the temporary. Asat-trsna means 'thirst for the impermanent'.

                                                                  This 'thirst' comes from the contaminated subtle body. Jiva Goswami calls this the 'antahkarnah'. See the below for explanation; association with and hearing from sadhus is the means to overcome this contamination:

                                                                  Q: For long as I can remember, I have been a devotee of Lord Vishnu. On numerous occasions, I have seen him in my dreams talking to me. I am not a ritualistic individual any more, I don’t sit in my home temple because I have surpassed that stage. Is that a bad thing? I have my conversation with god every single day my heart is full of love for him. I asked him to show me a sign, the next week I spontaneously met Dalai Lama. Why does my soul burn to be with the supreme?