Levels of Devotees: Madhyama Adhikari

                                                                  Q. Both in spiritual life and also in material life people speak of attitude. What should be the approach of a spiritual aspirants towards other spiritual aspirants and with materialists?

                                                                  Q. In the loving association of devotees, I am very slowly developing an "unmotivated" love for the wonderful devotees. But somehow I am also simultaneously realizing, that there is a lot of impersonal attitude towards others who are not devotees of Krishna.

                                                                  Q. What should I do if someone says that my behavior in Krishna consciousness is weird, just because I get up at 3am and eat only Krishna prasadam, I do not allow any mundane social gatherings at my home and do not socialize with any mundane people? This person claims that it is mental torture on him. Did I commit an offense for first trying to turn this person into Krishna consciousness and then after years of effort gave up? Is Lord Caitanya who is the savior of the most fallen mad at me for giving up?

                                                                  Q. Recently I was reading "Perfect Questions and Perfect Answers (which is a conversation between Prabhupada and one novice devotee.) During the conversation Prabhupada tells that he (Prabhupada) is not a perfect devotee. On being asked why he thinks so, he answers that a perfect devotee does not preach because he sees all living beings loving Krishna and that nobody is against Krishna! Subsequently he gives the example of Radharani who sees everybody as a devotee of Krishna.