Krishna's Energies: Marginal Energy

                                                                  Q. The soul is marginal, i.e. it can be on the material or spiritual platforms. Then again, it is stated that the soul is either eternally liberated (nitya-siddhas) or eternally conditioned (nitya-baddha). Don't these two statements seem contradictory?

                                                                  Q. What does separated expansion actually mean, in terms of our relationship with Krishna?

                                                                  'Separated' refers to our existence as eternally separate entities with individual identity, having minute freewill. Further, unlike the integrated expansions, viz. the Vishnu-tattva forms, the tiny living entities are prone to turn toward illusory energy and become separated from Krishna's association, by improper use of their freewill -- the same idea as conveyed by the term 'marginal energy'.

                                                                  I have read that all living entities are generated from tatastha- shakti (SB 3.7.9). Living entities can be influenced by the internal or external potency of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

                                                                  Q. Please explain how do living entities behave while under the influence of Tatastha-sakti. Is the marginal potency an intermediate state between Pradhan and Prakriti? How long they belong to this region of marginal energy of Lord? What is the characteristic of marginal potency with regards to Internal and external potencies?

                                                                  Q. A devotee asked me the following question last night but I could not answer it.

                                                                  He asked - "Can the soul be bad?"

                                                                  I answered - I cannot answer that question. I stated that in our pure form, we (our souls) are all parts and parcel of the Lord so in actuality they cannot be bad but they are influenced by our life situations.

                                                                  Is this a correct reply?

                                                                  What is necessary in addressing this question is to clearly distinguish the difference between the soul and actions that are carried out by material nature.

                                                                  The soul is part and parcel of the Supreme, qualitatively one with Krishna. Thus the soul is good.

                                                                  Q. When we come to spiritual life and understand that we have many bad habits due to being conditioning in the material world for long time, we try to over come the habits by knowledge of shastras, hearing lectures from devotees, by performing service to Vaishnavas and the Lord etc. Some habits are easy to give up, some take little endeavor to overcome and some habits are really very hard to give up. We try our best to overcome these anarthas, but these deeply rooted anarthas seem impossible to overcome. For some time it seems that we have overcome the habits, but after some time they come back to haunt us again and become stumbling block on path of devotion. How do we deal with these kind of Bad Habits or anarthas?

                                                                  Q: If the soul is part and parcel of Krsna (BG 15.7) and given Krsna is in the spiritual world and everyone in the spiritual world is infallible (BG 15.16), how is it that the soul has fallen into the material world in the first place?
                                                                  As Krishna's extended parts and parcels, the jiva has qualities like Krishna. One of those qualities is free will. Krishna has unlimited free will, whereas the jiva has tiny free will.
                                                                  When utilized properly, the jiva's free will is lovingly directed towards Krishna's service and seeking His happiness.