Krishna Consciousness: Becoming Mature in Krishna Consciousness

                                                                  Q. Is it acceptable to desire recognition from the spiritual master or is it inappropriate and a version of materially seeking distinction?

                                                                  Q. I am writing this mail to inform you about an obstacle I am facing in my attempt to practice Krishna Consciousness. I come from a so called "traditional Brahmin family". We are said to be belonging to a sect which represents original "Vedic tradition" Brahmins. I guess, like anyone else, my parents and especially my Mother is totally upset about my devotional activities. Now they are coming to know about the lifestyle of a devotee - mostly through their speculation, based on their experience, I guess.

                                                                  Q. How do i overcome fear because of impatience either in spiritual path or in material affairs...because impatience bring tension and i get disturbed mentally?

                                                                  Q. 1. How do I make sure that my gratitude for my spiritual master and those guiding me day-by-day in my spiritual life keeps on increasing, and does not become interrupted?

                                                                  Below is an answer I gave to a similar question asked by someone else about hearing from a single source.

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                                                                  Q. Is there any way in which I can convince my parents to let me become a devotee?

                                                                  Actions speak louder than words. When your parents, or any one for that matter, see the positive impact that Krishna consciousness has on your general behavior & attitude and in your day-to-day interactions with others, then any misgivings they may have about the process of Krishna consciousness or about your becoming a devotee will be dispelled from their minds.

                                                                  Q. When one has a goal of becoming a mature sadhaka in Krishna Consciousness, what exactly should we think of?

                                                                  Here are some preliminary thoughts on this wonderful question. In addition to keeping your devotional practices intact with fixed regularity, here are some specific qualities that a mature devotee will exhibit.