Karma: Fate

                                                                  Q. Is the choice of our spouse predestined by karma (are marriages made in "heaven")? Is it predestined by God? Does my free-will have a role in such a choice?

                                                                  If I like one person and am neutral towards another, how do I make a decision that is best? Should I simply surrender to God and let God decide - is such surrender cowardice or escapism? If God will make a decision, how does God decide in such situations - will God take my preferences into account?

                                                                  Q. We are a product of the environment that we take birth and grow up in. To a great extent this environment determines whether one will be religious or not. If God is in control of this, then why should one have to suffer the consequences of being born in an atheistic family?

                                                                  Q. As it said in Bhagawad geeta Ch 3 Text 27 everything is under the control of three modes of nature or the Supreme Lord we under the false ego think that we are the doers. not even a blade of grass move without His will. Bg. Ch 18 Text 14 also says in 5 things are require for any action to be done and in that the doer is one of them. my question is that than how the free will works? if any thing good or bad happens how is the doer responsible for that particuler act since everything is controlled by Krsna. second question is that do we get our modes according to our previous karma and that mode forces us to do particular kind of karma.

                                                                  Q. Was it destined when I was born that I would one day become associated with ISKCON and do all these spiritual activities? If yes, then why do we preach? Won't people destined to join ISKCON join it, and those not destined to join ISKCON not join it? If no, then does it mean that joining ISKCON is outside the influence of destiny?

                                                                  Q. A seven year old devotee asked:

                                                                  SB 1.5.18 says "... As far as happiness derived from sense enjoyment is concerned, it can be obtained automatically in course of time, just as in course of time we obtain miseries even though we do not desire them."

                                                                  Q. Can any person get more than he is destined to get especially by worshiping demigods? Prahlada Maharaja has said that material happiness and unhappiness is fixed. Then why do people get immediate results when they start worshipping demigods? Are these results in addition to what they are destined to get? What is destiny then?