Hearing: Glories of Hearing

                                                                  Q. It is always mentioned that the Supreme God is Lord Krishna. People who know about Vedas or about Indian culture can understand and accept this. How can a man of a different religion or a different region accept this? How can we convince others that everybody in the universe is governed by the laws of Vedas?

                                                                  Q. It is easy to theoretically understand that we are not the body. But it is hard to really realize this fact in every situation, especially if the situation is extremely harsh or extremely wonderful. How can one practically realize that we are not the body in any situation whether good or bad?

                                                                  If one commits offenses against devotees, and also has a strong false ego problem, then how to purify it and rectify the offenses? How to convert false ego?

                                                                  The way to overcome false ego is to cultivate real ego. Our real identity, constitutionally, is that we are eternal servants of Krishna and servants of His servants. By diligently cultivating a spiritual vision, by seeing ourselves as humble servants of the devotees and being in the attitude of serving them beneficially, replaces offensive and false egoistic mentality.

                                                                  Q. 1. My problem is that I have to spend most of my time for my academic studies and have very little left for chanting and other spiritual activities. This makes me very frustrated. Please advice me how can I advance in my spiritual life?

                                                                  Q. I have been a devotee, but my brother convinced me that Krishna consciousness was for very advanced people and that ordinary persons like me would take a very long time and will need to sacrifice a lot before becoming Krishna conscious. Also I have very little taste for chanting, find it very difficult to get up early in the mornings and am more of a late night person and rarely get to associate with devotees. Yet there is a deep yearning in me to decorate the temple, eat prasadam and do things that are colorful.