Hare Krishna Mahamantra: Meaning of Mahamantra

                                                                  Q. What is praying? Why do we have to pray? When should we pray? How should we pray?

                                                                  Prayer is an address to a superior in supplication. Of all those who are worshipable, the Personality of Godhead is the most worthy object of one's prayers, and so are His pure devotees who are His direct and confidential representatives.

                                                                  Q. It is said that chanting means to request Radharani for Krishna's service. On the other hand it is also said that out of all the services chanting 16 rounds is most important. So is this definition of chanting complete or do you think that there should be some other definition of chanting?

                                                                  Q: We have heard about how the Hare Krishna Mantra's three words Hare, Krishna, and Rama refer to Radharani, Krishna, and Balarama. Could we relate these to Subhadra, Krishna, and Balarama of the Jagannatha deities? Specifically, what is the relationship between Radharani and Subhadra? Is the latter an expansion of the former?

                                                                  Subhadra is yoga-maya, the internal energy and Her service is to bring devotees closer to Krsna. Her parents are Vasudev and Devaki and thus She is also the sister of Krsna.

                                                                  Q. My question is regarding the Maha Mantra - HARE KRISHNA, HARE KRISHNA, KRISHNA, KRISHNA, HARE, HARE; HARE RAM, HARE RAM, RAM, RAM, HARE, HARE. Lords Krishna and Rama had different personalities and characters; both of them were avatara (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu in two different Yugas. My question is why these two names are combined in the Maha Mantra? Could you please kindly explain about the Maha Mantra? How did it derive? What are the meanings, if any, behind the Mantra?