Guru or Spiritual Master: Guru's Gift

                                                                  Q. When you give 1st initiation you take all of your disciples Karma right, so if when you give 2nd initiation do you also take the karma that has accumulated in the time span between the two initiations or do you not take it until they are ready for the third initiation. This question has been a topic of debate also, but this time in my mind.

                                                                  This is an interesting question -- to address this, let us first try to understand what is involved in the absolving of karma during initiation.

                                                                  Q. In several verses of Caitanya caritamrita it is stated that the spiritual master is a manifestation of Krishna, and that because we due to our conditioned nature cannot see Krishna directly, He appears as the spiritual master and such master is non-different from Krishna (Cc Adi 1.58).

                                                                  Is the spiritual master a jiva soul? If so, can a jiva be then a manifestation of Krishna and how does that work? Are all jivas manifestations of Krishna but at different levels?

                                                                  Yes, the spiritual master is a jiva soul, fixed in anukula- bhakti unto Krishna.

                                                                  Q. On page 32 of Isopanisad Mantra 3, Srila Prabhupada talks about the word atma-sambhavita. Do devotees who have approached Krishna Consciousness with materialistic desires (for fame and recognition), and therefore fall from this path eventually, also have the same destination as the asuras?

                                                                  Q. One of the elder relatives of my family does not want me to chant on beads. He says by using beads concentration is lost. He also says Kabir advised not to use beads. Can someone please give me material describing advantage of chanting on beads so that I can tell him or any pointers where I can get that material.