Guru Disciple Relationship: Instructions from Guru

                                                                  Q. When one is not in the proximate physical presence of one's guru, how does one take necessary help for eliminating the obstacles on the path of sadhana?

                                                                  Q. Say a devotee after getting initiated, is unable to do his 16 rounds of chanting on a day or few days, due to illness or anything of that sort, it is like breaking the vows, right? So how and what the devotee should do in such situation?

                                                                  Q. Prelude to Question:  I have an inquiry that I believe will help me to better understand the position of the acharyas in bona fide parampara and the role of the spiritual master in general:

                                                                  Q. Too much information or knowledge is dangerous for those who don't qualify. I may not be qualified to receive the level of knowledge we hear in classes or bhakti vriksha, so it disturbs me sometimes instead of giving me directions. For example, we hear two statements:

                                                                  1. We should not associate with worldly minded people,
                                                                  2. We should respect each living entity because Krishna Himself resides in each of them as Paramatma.

                                                                  How can I detach myself unless I think of something as lowly or bad for me?

                                                                  Likewise there are many such instances (of contradiction). What should I do about it?

                                                                  Q. I do 5 rounds everyday but sometimes I don't have time to do my rounds or I am just being lazy. Regarding my question, sometimes I am selective to follow instructions given by you how do I avoid being selective? I would like to practice not being selective in following my spiritual master's instructions.

                                                                  Chanting is the most important of all of our activities in Krishna consciousness and it is very important that we maintain a regular practice of chanting our rounds everyday.

                                                                  Q: Sastra says guru is the representative of Lord Krishna and we should not see him as an ordinary man. At the same time we read that also great personalities can fall down from the position of guru (SB 5.18.4 p and Adi-lila 7.110 p).
                                                                  So my question is how do we are supposed to see the guru? How can we reconcile both statements? It seems very difficult to me to worship my guru as the representative of Krishna and at the same time thinking he can fall down from his position.