Guru Disciple Relationship: Accepting Guidance

                                                                  Q. Can somebody act like a guru without actually initiating somebody. In the sense I accept somebody as my guru and follow his instructions. And when I am able to fully follow all his instructions take initiation?

                                                                  Q. Is the choice of our spouse predestined by karma (are marriages made in "heaven")? Is it predestined by God? Does my free-will have a role in such a choice?

                                                                  If I like one person and am neutral towards another, how do I make a decision that is best? Should I simply surrender to God and let God decide - is such surrender cowardice or escapism? If God will make a decision, how does God decide in such situations - will God take my preferences into account?

                                                                  Question Premise: It is said in the scriptures and Bhagavad-Gita that people should do only the work assigned to them according to the chatur-varna, and that chatur-varna is according to karma and not birth

                                                                  Q. In all the preaching I have heard, one thing that is common is that one should not be attached to material world in order to get close to Krishna. The question is, even though Arjuna had material attachment, (BG 1.29) Lord Krishna revealed Himself to Arjuna. Why?