Grihastha Ashram: Setting an Example

                                                                  Q. I am getting married and I would like to know how to control my sexual feelings as a vaishnava. Will Krishna be angry with me if I chant and my wife does not want to chant?

                                                                  For a vaishnava, married life is an opportunity for cultivation of spiritual values. Take up the responsibility of marriage in a mood of service to another soul, a devotee of Krishna, a vaishnava. This quality, when cultivated over some time, will lift you above rajo-guna, and the mood of being the enjoyer.

                                                                  Q. How can I help my daughter in her spiritual journey? We are very close and she will listen to and respect what i say. I have given her a Gita and some beads and she is chanting some daily. She is very sincere.

                                                                  The best way to help another is to show them by your own personal example what a true spiritual life really is. "Example is better than precept."

                                                                  Q. What should a common man like me (Teacher by profession) do in his life, i.e. what activities should he perform apart from chanting? I mean to say what should I do to serve God apart from chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra? Would you list some activities? Please give me some guidelines on decision making on mundane tasks.

                                                                  If our purpose and goal of life are very clear, then it becomes easier to ascertain one's day-to-day activities and decisions in a manner that will bring one closer to that goal.

                                                                  Q. It took me nearly three years to be able to follow all the rules of ISKCON correctly. However when I get married, since the chances of me marrying a Krishna conscious girl is remote, is it reasonable for me to expect my wife to become totally compliant to all the regulative principles from day one? How do I correct her and bring her to the level of compliance? How do I conduct myself during this time?

                                                                  Q. My current obstacle is my family of birth, which does not support Krsna Consciousness and does not accept my devotee husband. For some background: I was born into a white Catholic family in America.  About 10 months ago I came into Krishna Consciousness and 4 months later married an Indian-bodied devotee.  We live in the US, not far from my family.  Previous to Krsna consciousness, I was very close with my family, attending all gatherings and regularly spending one-on-one time with individual members.  I am no longer attracted to attending these gatherings due to their lack of support of Krsna consciousness and my husband.

                                                                  Q. My daughter who is in 9th grade has fear of exams. As her mother, how can I help her relax?

                                                                  The best and most long-lasting help you can give your daughter is to help create a God-centered loving atmosphere at home which is founded on a lifestyle in the mode-of-goodness (sattva guna). This will not only address her fear of exams, but help her form strong character that will enable her to face any situation in life.