Grihastha Ashram: Finding a Marriage Partner

                                                                  Q. Is the choice of our spouse predestined by karma (are marriages made in "heaven")? Is it predestined by God? Does my free-will have a role in such a choice?

                                                                  If I like one person and am neutral towards another, how do I make a decision that is best? Should I simply surrender to God and let God decide - is such surrender cowardice or escapism? If God will make a decision, how does God decide in such situations - will God take my preferences into account?

                                                                  Q. It took me nearly three years to be able to follow all the rules of ISKCON correctly. However when I get married, since the chances of me marrying a Krishna conscious girl is remote, is it reasonable for me to expect my wife to become totally compliant to all the regulative principles from day one? How do I correct her and bring her to the level of compliance? How do I conduct myself during this time?

                                                                  Q.1. What is the purpose of marriage as viewed by ISKCON?

                                                                  The purpose of marriage is to provide an opportunity for all the members in the family to properly support one another to peacefully practice and grow in their Krishna Consciousness. In Vedic scriptures, the institution of marriage is referred to as an "ashram" or a sacred place of purification.

                                                                  Q. I am in love with a person who strictly follows the four regulative principles. However, unlike me, he is not a devotee of Krishna nor favorable towards ISKCON, and would like our children to exercise their choice. Please advise me how to handle this situation.