Grihastha Ashram: Duties of a Grihastha

                                                                  Q. One of my close friends has stopped chanting the Hare Krishna maha-mantra saying that since the mantra destroys all material desires, as a grhastha (householder), he needs the material motivation to support his family, and also that chanting the maha-mantra while maintaining material desires is offensive. He has taken to the chanting of Sri Lakshmi Suktam, which awards material prosperity and also indirectly reminds him of Lord Vishnu. How do I explain things properly to him?

                                                                  Q. My current obstacle is my family of birth, which does not support Krsna Consciousness and does not accept my devotee husband. For some background: I was born into a white Catholic family in America.  About 10 months ago I came into Krishna Consciousness and 4 months later married an Indian-bodied devotee.  We live in the US, not far from my family.  Previous to Krsna consciousness, I was very close with my family, attending all gatherings and regularly spending one-on-one time with individual members.  I am no longer attracted to attending these gatherings due to their lack of support of Krsna consciousness and my husband.

                                                                  Q. Is it a sin to kill a living entity like ant, mosquito, cockroach or spider etc? They harm human beings by some means and because of this only one would kill them. It is written in purport of BG 14.16 that one should not kill any living entity. But, microorganisms (bacteria, virus) are always killed by us and plants are also living entities. While I accept that one should not kill animals for eating, but what about plants and bacteria and vermins? Does that incur sin? Please clarify.