Enemies of a Jiva: Envy

                                                                  Q. What is the source of envy which brought us to this material world in the first place? I asked this question in one of our Sunday program and the speaker told me that there is no answer to this question. This really surprised me because I was thinking that Krishna could still be the source of the envy but yet unaffected by it. Just like 'maya' for which although Krishna is the source He is not affected by it. Please clarify.

                                                                  Q. His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada says in BG that one has to have faith in Krishna and should understand Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, then only he can understand BG. But how will a person who is at the very beginning level or not even a devotee and who just starts to read BG will understand it?  Will reading BG give more faith and help him to understand it or he has to accept Krishna as the supreme personality of Godhead and then only he has to read BG?

                                                                  Q. How to cope up with envy in this competitive world? I am working for a software company which is always full of competition and peer pressures. Even if I try to ignore the peer pressure, at times this attitude itself is leading me to inefficiency in work or stagnation. How to develop the right attitude at work place without yielding to envy and at the same time improving the efficiency? I need some practical tips that I can follow on a day to day basis.

                                                                  Q. Please tell me how to get rid of envy. I sometimes feel free from envy, but there is a false-ego river that is constantly flowing inside for all conditioned souls.

                                                                  By nature and also by birth I am a kshatriya; please let me know how I can become envy-less towards others.

                                                                  Q. In my service as a Nama Hatta co-ordinator in my geographical area I am having difficulty in discovery of the envious and proud nature of some of the devotees. Whilst they are wonderful, and eager to attend the weekly program, engage in some service and chant, still some make an added effort to flaunt their pride and also cannot help themselves in respect of enviousness.

                                                                  I have tried to see it as my own anarthas and thus continuously overlook these things in others, instead addressing it in myself. But it is for the other devotees that are trying to grow in Krishna Consciousness that I worry for.

                                                                  Q. Because of pride somebody assumed himself as great devotee. He regarded himself as an advanced devotee and cultivated enviousness. He couldn't recognize his deviations in consciousness. Because of restlessness in mind later he offended an associate, a friend. Earlier he had a taste for hearing and chanting because of his genuine humility and sincerity.
                                                                  Now he lost the taste; instead he became like a hard-hearted and uncontrollable animal. He asked forgiveness from his friend.

                                                                  In any life will he receive love of Godhead?