Divine Qualities: Respect for Others

                                                                  Q. If the heart desires to sing praises to the Lord in a loud voice (especially during the day), should there be a consideration if female that there are no bramacharis around? I mean, is it wrong for a female to sing when there are bramacharis in the arena?

                                                                  Q. Too much information or knowledge is dangerous for those who don't qualify. I may not be qualified to receive the level of knowledge we hear in classes or bhakti vriksha, so it disturbs me sometimes instead of giving me directions. For example, we hear two statements:

                                                                  1. We should not associate with worldly minded people,
                                                                  2. We should respect each living entity because Krishna Himself resides in each of them as Paramatma.

                                                                  How can I detach myself unless I think of something as lowly or bad for me?

                                                                  Likewise there are many such instances (of contradiction). What should I do about it?

                                                                  Q. Before I became interested in Krishna, for 5 years I was interested in romance. However, no romantic situations arose. Then as soon as I got interested in Krishna, a young lady appeared as if sent to tempt me. As a romantic relationship developed, so was a relationship with Krishna, which has caused conflict because this person is not interested in spirituality, including the 4 regulative principles. I have mentioned my interest in celibacy in order that I may progress spiritually twice, and each time she has talked me out of it, basically by crying tears of attachment.

                                                                  Is it neccessary to end my relationship in order to be a devotee? Is it crucial to do this as soon as possible?

                                                                  Q. When one has a goal of becoming a mature sadhaka in Krishna Consciousness, what exactly should we think of?

                                                                  Here are some preliminary thoughts on this wonderful question. In addition to keeping your devotional practices intact with fixed regularity, here are some specific qualities that a mature devotee will exhibit.

                                                                  Q. If a person has set an aim to achieve,(something) which is rather difficult, and is working hard to achieve this, is it okay for that person to get irritated and rude when dealing with their loved ones, or being selfish to an extent? How can they deal with the different pressures they have to face and keep a cool and composed mind?

                                                                  It is neither justified, nor is it really necessary, to yield to the pushings of anger, irritation or harshness, under any circumstances. A thoughtful person should avoid the trap of the mode of passion, of which these pushings are the symptoms. The modes of passion and ignorance always lead to misery in the long run.

                                                                  Q. I come from a Sikh background. I have devoted myself to Lord Shri Krishna for 7 years. My son, who is 17, considers himself and his future as a Sikh. As a parent I feel unable to do my basic function as a parent which is to guide my child, particularly in spiritual matters. I have tried to at least explain that I am happy in my faith. My son will ask me to visit the Sikh gurdwara on occasion, at which point I have a heavy heart. Should I worship in private? Please help.