Divine Qualities: Mood of Devotion

                                                                  Q. If Bhishma was a devotee of the Lord, then why did he choose to fight against the Pandavas? Also why did he have to undergo a painful situation of lying down in a bed of arrows?

                                                                  In addition, why didn't Bhishmadev surrender to Lord Krishna like Vibhishana surrendered to Lord Rama? Is it because Bhishma gave more importance to his vow (his dharma) than to surrender to Krishna?

                                                                  Q. When one has a goal of becoming a mature sadhaka in Krishna Consciousness, what exactly should we think of?

                                                                  Here are some preliminary thoughts on this wonderful question. In addition to keeping your devotional practices intact with fixed regularity, here are some specific qualities that a mature devotee will exhibit.

                                                                  Q. How can one tell the difference between a devotee who is legitimately practicing raganuga sadhana and someone who may be sincere but misguidedly and inappropriately disregarding vidhi sadhana in the name of raganuga bhakti? How would one preach to a devotee of the latter type?

                                                                  I would rather have a personal discussion with you about this rather than provide an extensive reply; the subject of your question is delicate, and to treat the subject properly a cursory response is not satisfying.
                                                                  Nonetheless, I will attempt to offer a succinct to-the-point response.

                                                                  Q. My question is how I can overcome bhoga tyaga tendency. When I practice devotional service then for few days I am very enthusiastic but due to lack  of determination and lack of association I turn towards material enjoyment but very soon getting frustrated I again take up to devotional service. This process repeats again and again. Please help me to overcome this tendency.

                                                                  Q. Why does it say in the Nectar of Devotion that a devotee should not wear clothes that are colored red or blue?