Divine Qualities: Simplicity

                                                                  Q. His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada says in BG that one has to have faith in Krishna and should understand Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, then only he can understand BG. But how will a person who is at the very beginning level or not even a devotee and who just starts to read BG will understand it?  Will reading BG give more faith and help him to understand it or he has to accept Krishna as the supreme personality of Godhead and then only he has to read BG?

                                                                  Q. What does the phrase "simple living and high thinking" mean?

                                                                  One who understands the purpose of life can simplify his life so as to direct all his energies and endeavors towards fulfilling that purpose. All human endeavors are meant to be purposefully directed according to scriptural codes. When we do this, one's needs are minimized to those possessions, facilities, information and situations essential towards this end, thus one's life automatically becomes simplified.

                                                                  Q. The word 'sannyasi' means one in the renounced order of life, which also means being away from homely comforts. But how is that some sannyasis [gurus] hold administrative positions and material assets [fixed and liquid], accept material gifts and tend to lead an opulent life style [taking very opulent prasadam, jet traveling, doing shopping during foreign trips etc.] Is it that if one is spending 24 hours of his time in Krishna consciousness, he is exempted from the above rules?

                                                                  Q. What is the cause of self pity? How can we overcome it?

                                                                  Self pity stems from improper understanding of the self. The self, or spirit soul, is fully satisfied and secure by virtue of his relationship with Krishna. The pure soul is decorated with all auspicious qualities and is unfettered by any material limitation.