Divine Qualities: Mercifulness

                                                                  Q. In your Krishna Consciouness literature it is always mentioned that the Supreme God is Lord Krishna, who is also known as Govinda, the protector of the brahmananas and the cows. People who know about Vedas or about Indian culture can understand and accept this. How can a man of a different religion or a different region accept this? How can we convince others that everybody in the universe is governed by the dietary laws of Vedas?

                                                                  Q. In reference to this question and your answer pertaining to animal sacrifice, I would like to point out that in the Old Testament of the Bible, not only was Abraham instructed by the Lord to perform animal sacrifice, the Lord provided Abraham with an animal to sacrifice. Also, the apostle Paul was given the revelation by the Lord, that the dietary laws practiced by the Hebrews were no longer required, that all food, including meat, was clean to eat. Are these examples not clashes between Judaism/Christianity and the Vedas?