Divine Qualities: Enthusiasm

                                                                  Q. While practicing Krishna consciousness, sometimes I am very enthusiastic and sometimes I feel very morose. The cause for being morose is not being able to see any change in my attitude. Please help me.

                                                                  Q. Can you also please describe more on how to depend on Krishna? I will be very happy to take shelter of your instruction on this.

                                                                  In Digest 127 it was already discussed how one can depend on Krishna and remain undisturbed in case of unexpected reversals and difficulties in life.

                                                                  Q. How do i overcome fear because of impatience either in spiritual path or in material affairs...because impatience bring tension and i get disturbed mentally?

                                                                  Q. 1. Time-management is a big issue for students. While it is important to be responsible in our studies, there is also a desire to spend more time in spiritual activities. How can a neophyte with a very biased priority learn to balance time between sadhana, other spiritual activities and day-to-day work?

                                                                  Q. Why don't I like to study or, in general, do my prescribed duty? I do not enjoy doing any work. Why do I feel great pain while doing that?  I see that other friends and devotees easily absorb their minds in their works and do it but I am not able to absorb my mind. I do not find in myself any creativity.

                                                                  Please tell what the reason is for this and cure for it.

                                                                  This strong aversion or inertia for action should be understood to be the effect of material infection, due to tamo-guna. Krishna describes the strange effects of this mode of nature in BG Chapter 14. This inertia is opposite to the nature of spirit, for the spirit soul by nature is always active.

                                                                  Q. My question is how I can overcome bhoga tyaga tendency. When I practice devotional service then for few days I am very enthusiastic but due to lack  of determination and lack of association I turn towards material enjoyment but very soon getting frustrated I again take up to devotional service. This process repeats again and again. Please help me to overcome this tendency.