Divine Qualities: Submission

                                                                  Q. Is there a way to answer atheists who rely on the rules of argument when they refute the existence of God? Atheists say that theists resort to:
                                                                  Ad hominem, Straw Man, Red Herring etc
                                                                  when trying to prove God's existence.
                                                                  (Editor's note: The dictionary defines these terms as follows:
                                                                  ad hominem --- appealing to feelings or prejudices rather than intellect; being an attack on an opponent's character rather than by an answer to the contentions made.

                                                                  Q. Your answer in Digest 245A is convincing when it comes to material fears. But I would like to know the following:

                                                                  1. In my school and home, I was taught not to sin and that God punishes those who sin. Can you kindly define "sin"?

                                                                  Q: Pertaining to the demons involved in Krishna's pastimes, how were these powerful entities manifested and from where and why were they emanated?
                                                                   The Lord enacts His pastimes in both the material and spiritual worlds. The demons are present only in the material world. Our acaryas describe that in the spiritual world there are only "rumors of demons"; that is to say, the bhava of intensified shelter-taking is present as if there were real demons present, but there are not demons in Goloka.

                                                                  Q: I have severe Hereditary Bronchial Asthma, suffering from my childhood days. I started with Japa in the early morning for a few days. But during winter months I cannot do Japa attentively. What should I do since my health does not permit me doing Japa so regularly?


                                                                  If during the winter months you are not able to chant in the mornings, then whenever time permits during the day you should make sure to chant your japa.  You can also sincerely pray to Krishna to give you the strength and ability to serve Him. When Krsna sees our sincere desire to serve Him, He can award us situations which are conducive to carry out our service.