Divine Qualities: Love

                                                                  Q. How do we know that the love we show to Lord Krishna is not contaminated, and how do we differentiate love and lust in the material sense?

                                                                  Below is an answer I had given to another person some time ago about "love" in the material world but it addresses your question as well:
                                                                  A link for the answer below:

                                                                  Q. My relationship with my mother has considerably improved. Even though we do not fight as much, we still argue quite a lot and we do sometimes fight, but for the time being it's quite peaceful. How can I improve my relationship with my mother?

                                                                  In addition to what you are already doing, which are major steps forward, here are some additional recommendations.

                                                                  Q: For long as I can remember, I have been a devotee of Lord Vishnu. On numerous occasions, I have seen him in my dreams talking to me. I am not a ritualistic individual any more, I don’t sit in my home temple because I have surpassed that stage. Is that a bad thing? I have my conversation with god every single day my heart is full of love for him. I asked him to show me a sign, the next week I spontaneously met Dalai Lama. Why does my soul burn to be with the supreme?

                                                                  Q. Do you think true love really exists in this world? I am talking about the love we see in relationships between husband-wife, friends, or brothers. As far as I have understood, the only form of true love is between a mother and her child. Even here, it is more from the mother's side. Do you think that a mother loves a child because it's her child, because a woman always desires to have and love children?