Devotional Service: Absolute Nature of Devotional Service

                                                                  Q. In one of your instructions posted under obstacles (choosing Krishna), you have very rightly warned as to how vigilant we must be in executing our devotional service. That which may look innocent at the beginning could soon turn into an attachment and a problem very difficult to manage later. But what does one do to rectify this if the situation has indeed gone out of hand? One might feel extremely repentant of the choice he made but now that choice has become an attachment. Will Krishna still accept and forgive and give him a chance to choose Him again?

                                                                  Your question was in two parts. I will address them one by one.

                                                                  Q. In the Bhagavad-Gita, last verse of the second chapter, Krishna says that "... If one is thus situated even at the hour of death, one can enter into the kingdom of God". Also the purpose of all the practice that we do is to remember Krishna at the time of our final exam - The DEATH. Regarding Ajamila's deliverance, is his previous karma also involved in this or is it just purely because he chanted Krishna's name?