Devotee Relationships: Mercy of a Devotee

                                                                  Q. Was it destined when I was born that I would one day become associated with ISKCON and do all these spiritual activities? If yes, then why do we preach? Won't people destined to join ISKCON join it, and those not destined to join ISKCON not join it? If no, then does it mean that joining ISKCON is outside the influence of destiny?

                                                                  Q. Could you please tell me how to express myself as part of Krishna and Rama? How to prepare myself so that the Lord accepts me?

                                                                  Q. There were many instances where Lord Sri Krishna showered mercy even upon those who tried to hurt Him. For example, He gave Putana the result of becoming a mother to the Lord Himself. However in the case of Aswatthama, Lord Krishna gave him the most severe punishment. I think this is the only case where Lord showed such severity. In rest of the cases either they were shown mercy or merged in the Lord after the Lord killed them. Is there any deep significance in the case of Aswatthama that we need to understand? Because, I sometimes feel I have committed many sins. Is there a chance that Lord can be severe towards me too?

                                                                  Q. Because of pride somebody assumed himself as great devotee. He regarded himself as an advanced devotee and cultivated enviousness. He couldn't recognize his deviations in consciousness. Because of restlessness in mind later he offended an associate, a friend. Earlier he had a taste for hearing and chanting because of his genuine humility and sincerity.
                                                                  Now he lost the taste; instead he became like a hard-hearted and uncontrollable animal. He asked forgiveness from his friend.

                                                                  In any life will he receive love of Godhead?