Devotee Relationships: Power of Association

                                                                  Q. What qualifies one for devotional service and what are the practical means by which perfection in devotion may be achieved?

                                                                  Nectar of Devotion describes that even if one is not in a perfectly purified condition, contact with a pure devotee, and an unflinching attraction for Krishna are preliminary qualifications that make one eligible for devotional service.

                                                                  Q. I've heard three different versions of the end result of Ajamila's story.
                                                                  a) Because he chanted Lord Narayana's name at the time of death, he is liberated; b) He is given another chance to be born again to lead a Krishna Conscious life; c) He is given another chance in the same lifetime to lead a Krishna Conscious life. Which of the above is true? Should not the first one be the correct version, because according to Bhagavad-gita if we chant Krishna's names at the time of death we will be liberated?

                                                                  Q. When one is not in the proximate physical presence of one's guru, how does one take necessary help for eliminating the obstacles on the path of sadhana?

                                                                  Q. How to understand the mercy which descends from Sri Guru? How can/do we recognize such mercy? Must we endeavor to receive such mercy?

                                                                  To address this question, I would like to quote this very nice purport from Caitanya Caritamrta, Madhya Lila 19.152 which talks about the word Guru- prasada or spiritual master's mercy.

                                                                  Q. May I ask for some explanation for the role of the Supersoul in the appearance of a living being's desires? The whole process seems to be out of reach for a living being's self control.

                                                                  Q. I live in a devotee community and often feel that I don't know how to associate with others. I love them and try to serve them but all too often I just don't feel emotionally safe in their association. I don't feel free to be open in case they hurt me and thus I am wasting my life constantly holding back (defending like a kicked dog). I am desperate for some clarification on this point.