Creation: Need for Creation

                                                                  Q. Somehow, the words "I Am" and "I created this World for my Play" seem inadequate to explain creation. Where did this God/Divine Light come from? Why is God there? Why all this Play? Why did we souls come into existence, even before we came to this earth?

                                                                  Q. God created evil and good. If He was as merciful as he is supposed to be, then why create evil at all, put marginal souls in a vulnerable position, and then punish them when they sin? Why create us at all? If there was no existence, there would be no karma and no consequences. Did God create all of us for His entertainment?

                                                                  Q. Lord Vishnu incarnated as Buddha and preached voidism. Lord Siva appeared as Sankaracarya and preached impersonalism. Why are there different and deliberate attempts to confuse people by preaching false beliefs when they are already struggling with Maya?

                                                                  Whatever the Supreme Lord does is all-merciful, even if we may not initially understand how it is so. By hearing from His authorized representatives we can begin to understand His mercy.

                                                                  Q. 1. When someone says God is Nirakar (formless) and when they say that God has suddenly became man and after that slowly the men denegerated. How to express that God is like us with a spiritual body, that men and women are His creation and not that He has Himself become men and women. Please explain briefly.