Common Impediments: Material Attachments

                                                                  Q. In all the preaching I have heard, one thing that is common is that one should not be attached to material world in order to get close to Krishna. The question is, even though Arjuna had material attachment, (BG 1.29) Lord Krishna revealed Himself to Arjuna. Why?

                                                                  Q. I was living happily in this world getting good material opulence by the mercy of Lord. But in midst of this, I came across the philosophy of Krishna Consciousness and it opened my eyes as what I was doing with my life. But very often there have been times when I was working in ignorance trying to be happy in this world and put all my energy into mundane research. But sometimes I get glimpse of knowledge about this world and feel a great repentance and foolishness on my part.

                                                                  Q. Before I became interested in Krishna, for 5 years I was interested in romance. However, no romantic situations arose. Then as soon as I got interested in Krishna, a young lady appeared as if sent to tempt me. As a romantic relationship developed, so was a relationship with Krishna, which has caused conflict because this person is not interested in spirituality, including the 4 regulative principles. I have mentioned my interest in celibacy in order that I may progress spiritually twice, and each time she has talked me out of it, basically by crying tears of attachment.

                                                                  Is it neccessary to end my relationship in order to be a devotee? Is it crucial to do this as soon as possible?

                                                                  Q.  When we come to spiritual life and understand that we have many bad habits due to being conditioning in the material world for long time, we try to over come the habits by knowledge of shastras, hearing lectures from devotees, by performing service to Vaishnavas and the Lord etc. Some habits are easy to give up, some take little endeavor to overcome and some habits are really very hard to give up. We try our best to overcome these anarthas, but these deeply rooted anarthas seem impossible to overcome. For some time it seems that we have overcome the habits, but after some time they come back to haunt us again and become stumbling block on path of devotion. How do we deal with these kind of Bad Habits or anarthas?

                                                                  Q: Although I heard in different classes about the temporary nature of this body and associated attachments and relations, when it comes to practicality I forget everything and act in a very unpleasing way, for which I regret very badly later. Could you kindly explain me how is it possible to remember this at the very unpleasant situations and apply practically and take shelter in such difficulties?


                                                                  Without being attached to Krishna, we will be attached to the temporary. Asat-trsna means 'thirst for the impermanent'.

                                                                  This 'thirst' comes from the contaminated subtle body. Jiva Goswami calls this the 'antahkarnah'. See the below for explanation; association with and hearing from sadhus is the means to overcome this contamination:

                                                                  Q. 1. Are the demigods obliged to pay back to their worshiper the boon he is asking for? If they are administrators of this universe then how is it that they are offering benedictions? Is this in addition to their normal duty of administration?