Common Impediments: Pride

                                                                  Q. Is there an increase or decrease in one's consciousness if he/she praises himself or herself? Is it considered self-gratification or is it an offense as a devotee to praise yourself? I know it's not good ethics to praise yourself so much, but as a devotee, is it OK to do so?

                                                                  There is a nice story of Ramanujacarya (the chief acarya of Sri sampradaya) that I would like to share in this regard.

                                                                  Q. In the Ekalavya pastime, it is mentioned that one should perform duties according to one's propensity and capability. However, Lord Krishna declares that it is not the prerogative of only the Brahmanas to indulge in sacred activities such as reading scriptures etc.; rather any one who can raise himself to the platform of bhakti is eligible for this. Are these not contradictory?

                                                                  Q. In my service as a Nama Hatta co-ordinator in my geographical area I am having difficulty in discovery of the envious and proud nature of some of the devotees. Whilst they are wonderful, and eager to attend the weekly program, engage in some service and chant, still some make an added effort to flaunt their pride and also cannot help themselves in respect of enviousness.

                                                                  I have tried to see it as my own anarthas and thus continuously overlook these things in others, instead addressing it in myself. But it is for the other devotees that are trying to grow in Krishna Consciousness that I worry for.

                                                                  You said, "By this prideful and independent-minded spirit, he actually proved that Drona's assessment was correct: Ekalavya was unfit to receive ksatriya training."

                                                                  Q. Because of pride somebody assumed himself as great devotee. He regarded himself as an advanced devotee and cultivated enviousness. He couldn't recognize his deviations in consciousness. Because of restlessness in mind later he offended an associate, a friend. Earlier he had a taste for hearing and chanting because of his genuine humility and sincerity.
                                                                  Now he lost the taste; instead he became like a hard-hearted and uncontrollable animal. He asked forgiveness from his friend.

                                                                  In any life will he receive love of Godhead?