Chanting: Attentive Chanting

                                                                  Q. 1. My problem is that I have to spend most of my time for my academic studies and have very little left for chanting and other spiritual activities. This makes me very frustrated. Please advice me how can I advance in my spiritual life?

                                                                  Q. I love chanting. It makes me feel wonderful. When I'm chanting I am thinking about Krishna, and many times I  remember some pastimes of Krishna when I chant His name. To give an example, when I chant in front of a lake at the park I usually visualize Krishna in a boat with the gopis, just like the wonderful painting of this lila. One devotee then said it was wrong, because I was deviating from the Holy Name. What about that? Isn't the Holy name and Krishna the same? What's wrong if I remember Krishna one way or another when I'm chanting?

                                                                  Q. If the name of the Lord is identical to Him, then is it not important that the name be pronounced correctly? For instance Krishna is pronounced in many ways, depending on the accent and the nationality of the person. Will all of these chanting be equally effective or is it important that one finds out the correct enunciation of the name and then chant in that manner?

                                                                  Q: I have a question that is particularly pointed at the chanting or repetition of mantras.
                                                                  For people who cannot speak in Sanskrit or Bengali or Odisa language, can mantras be translated into languages of their comfort so that they can repeat it with conviction and knowing fully well what it means?
                                                                  Most of us are ignorant of what a mantra means. After all it is positive reinforcement of the same thought or desire or wish or blessing or prayer. So why should it be complicated and why can't it be translated into multiple languages?
                                                                  Will it be diluted or will it be more empowered?

                                                                  Q: I have severe Hereditary Bronchial Asthma, suffering from my childhood days. I started with Japa in the early morning for a few days. But during winter months I cannot do Japa attentively. What should I do since my health does not permit me doing Japa so regularly?


                                                                  If during the winter months you are not able to chant in the mornings, then whenever time permits during the day you should make sure to chant your japa.  You can also sincerely pray to Krishna to give you the strength and ability to serve Him. When Krsna sees our sincere desire to serve Him, He can award us situations which are conducive to carry out our service.