February 22, 2016

Here comes this brahmāstra.  For us

HH Romapada Swami in St. Louis Mar 2008
November 5, 2012

How do you fix your mind when there is some disturbance? You fix it where you see there is value. The resolution to how the duality is configuring itself is not resolved by control, manipulation and cleverness. It is resolved by Krishna -- by Krishna making a clear path. How to make this all possible? By whatever arrangement will keep oneself fixed in Krishna consciousness at all times. This is how a devotee needs to be trained above duality, so as not to become elated when there is some good fortune, and disturbed when there is ill fortune.

Adapted from a lecture given by His Holiness Romapada Swami on SB 1.4.6-9, on April 4, 2008 in Penn State.

HH Romapada Swami and Youth in Puri
June 12, 2017

Out of great mercy to His devotees, Krsna purges out the root of all karma namely nescience and evil desires. What brings about our sufferings over and over again is ignorance.
We don’t say “No” to the fire or ordeal. We say “no” to the ignorance at the root of why the ordeal is happening that is, saying “No” to Krsna, and “Yes” to evil desires. From ignorance comes ignorant activity, and from ignorant activity comes bondage and suffering. When ordeal comes your way, it’s important to understand this principle because ordeal is going to come.

Adapted from a lecture by His Holiness Romapada Swami entitled REVERSALS, SAY YES TO KRSNA - GITA NAGARI RETREAT MAY 2017