Spirit Soul: Form of the Soul

                                                                  Q. Lord Krishna said that the relationship between individual soul and the Super Soul is eternal. That can be friendship, parenthood or conjugal relationship. Does that mean we have an eternal body long time ago in the spiritual world? Or the body and relationship with Lord will be decided by the devotional practice of all the lifetimes?

                                                                  I am going to give you a short answer now, and a longer answer after some time.

                                                                  There is an eternal connection between the individual soul (or atma) and the Supersoul (Paramatma), much like a spark is related to the fire from whence it comes.

                                                                  Q.  I was having discussion with one of my known friends who is running his own church. I was explaining about our Vedic philosophy. When the discussion came about soul, he asked me again ~ am I talking about spirit or soul? I said both are the same. In reply, he explained they both are completely different. He said, Spirit is the one within the body whereas soul is made up of mind, emotions and consciousness. Often we refer simply as soul or we refer to the ‘self’ as spirit soul. I humbly request you to clear up this question.