Dhruva prays that Lord is the causelessly merciful maintainer

Summary: Material desires can easily draw us to the position of being taken far from the path of devotional life. A sincere devotee is quite aware of this danger, and takes all precautions to not indulge; even a small indulgence very quickly draws one into significant foolishness! To receive the Lord's protection from these desires, we need to be very very sincere in our purpose!

Family life - Forest of enjoyment!

Summary: These verses instruct the degree of caution that must be exercised when dealing with matters of sense control, and in the potency of undivided devotional service to transform the seeds of material desire into the liberating force of selfless desire, ie. the desire for uninterrupted service to Krishna. The regulative principles are infallible in meting out justice. They are not to be neglected, minimized, adjusted, compromised, etc; committing such a mistake will block our spiritual progress for some time. Conversely, the regulative principles promote the quality of goodness, which helps protect us from contact with the passionate mode, which ALWAYS results in suffering.

Prahlad Nrisimha.JPG

Summary: These two verses were often quoted by Srila Prabhupada. The former (Text 44) was cited as an inspirational verse glorifying Sri Prahlad, awakening the deep spirit of compassion locked tightly within the heart of each of his disciples; the second verse (Text 45) was to cite the peril of materialistic household life, which destroys the spirit of self-realization by the fire of lust. The Sanskrit of the first line of Text 45 is worth memorizing, since Srila Prabhupada quoted it so often: yan maithunadi-grhamedhi-sukham hi tuccham These verses are spoken by Prahlad as prayers to Lord Nrsimhadev, when it is obvious to Prahlad that the Lord is wanting to offer him some benediction, particularly the benediction of liberation from material existence.