January 1, 2012

HH Romapada Swami in Boston

When I looked at our BBT Vaishnava calendar for signs of auspiciousness during the week of Nov 14th, I was quite disappointed. Usually, there is always something going on, but, this week was completely barren! - There was nothing auspicious about it – no ekadasi; no appearance or disappearance days of the Supreme Lord and His avatars or that of His pure devotees or mention of any Krishna conscious events. To make things worse, a relative of mine reminded me that Nov 14th was the birth anniversary of one of India’s famous (yet corrupt and controversial) politicians – Oh well - that made things even gloomier for me! What can one achieve other than material entanglement by remembering such days or glorifying such mundane personalities.

January 16, 2012


Being Present: An individual approached Maharaja to convey a message and Maharaja immediately asked, “Where are your shoes?” The individual was surprised because she was unaware that she did not have her shoes on and was lost in her own world while Maharaja showed by a classic example how to be present all the time!

December 1, 2011

Sri Radha Govinda in ISKCON Brooklyn, NY

I was at a program with Maharaja at his disciple’s home in New Rochelle, NY. As usual the kirtans (devotional singing and dancing) were ecstatic!