Inconceivable Topics: Krishna's inconceivable potencies

                                                                  Q. In London, on July 19, 1976, Srila Prabhupada gave a lecture in whch he said "It is not possible to understand Krishna. He is so  great, unlimited. How can we understand Krishna?  Krishna cannot understand Himself."

                                                                  How is this possible?  Why can't Krishna understand Himself?

                                                                  Q: I have this following question on Iso Mantra 5

                                                                  tad ejati tan naijati

                                                                  tad dure tad v antike

                                                                  tad antar asya sarvasyaIn 

                                                                  tad u sarvasyasya bahyata?

                                                                  What is the meaning of "The Supreme Lord walks and does not walk"

                                                                  Q: Since Lord Krishna is the actual beneficiary of our results, why is Krishna known to be a renounced person?