HH Romapada Swami in Boston Apr 2009
January 26, 2015

How does the living entity become bewildered? The living entity becomes bewildered by thinking in false conception of self. “I am who I am not. And who I am is who I am not.” It is a mistaken conception of self. If I have mistaken myself to be a product of matter (ātmānaṁ tri-guṇātmakam) instead of spirit soul, part and parcel of the Supreme, my knowledge becomes covered. Neither do I understand myself, nor do I understand the Supreme. So if I don’t understand the self, and I don’t understand the Supreme, how can I be happy? Still, I want to be happy, so I pursue happiness in terms of who I think I am. And so I am very, very busy my whole life - lifetime after lifetime - trying to find happiness by getting things to be mine.

HH Romapada Swami during Puri Yatra Dec 2010
February 14, 2011

This is one of those beautiful prayers by Lord Brahma after he regrets doubting Krishna's supremacy and mystic power. We pray those prayers Lord Brahma prayed and follow in his footsteps. This prayer describes the position of someone who doesn't have knowledge (hint: that's us), and about persons in ignorance of who we are, who God is, and what's what, etc. In that condition, how is such a person to reach the goal of life? Although Lord Brahma has knowledge, he is realizing his ignorance, and that, with ignorance, he made a big mistake of offending Krishna.