HH Romapada Swami in Hyderabad, October 2009
October 4, 2010

Q) In the Ajamila story, Ajamila fell down by seeing just one negative thing. In our case, there are several bad impressions and baggage in our mind. How do we get rid of those impressions from previous experiences? Although I try to leave them behind, they keep coming back in strange ways. So, how can I completely erase them so that they don't come back at all?

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September 25, 2017

In this world there is no enemy other than a mind that is not controlled. The enemy is within. The mind needs to go to Krishna. Within the instruction that the mind should go to Krishna, there is strength, intelligence (buddhi), Buddhi directs the mind. You will get buddhi when you show Krishna. “I want to be with You.” Then Krishna gives you buddhi, and you can direct the mind. Otherwise you can’t.

HH Romapada Swami
August 20, 2012

So your question is: What to do when you don't have control of the mind and you are supposed to be controlling the mind?

You practice. Best to practice bringing the mind to that which will make the mind pure. The Supreme pure is the best for making the mind pure. So in the condition that you described, what should the person do? They should continue to chant, calling from their heart: “My dear Lord Krishna, I know that my mind is all over the place and that it is not with You. That’s my condition. I am disclosing my condition which You already know because You are in my heart. But that's my condition. Please help me. Please pick me up from this dark place of an uncontrolled mind, by Your supreme compassion and purity.” That's what one should do.