April 22, 2010

Srimad Bhagavatam 1.10.16


kuru-naryo didrksaya

vavrsuh kusumaih krsnam


Srila Prabhupada exemplified caring for devotees
January 15, 2012

At times, there may appear a tendency to neglect those who do not insist on their basic needs.

Reading Assignment:

Vidura was everyone's well wisher

Summary: One of the themes of Canto 1 Chapter 13, and for the entire First Canto, is the "Reception of a Sadhu". Here a partial description is given of the reception provided for Vidura upon his return to the royal palace. Before he left the palace, Vidura was already considered wise; now that he has returned after a 35-year pilgrimage to holy places and has just receiving the extended and sacred association of Maitreya Muni, Vidura is now on the platform of a saint. In a manner befitting both an honored member of the royal family and sadhu as well, the royal family receives Vidura in grand style.