Sri Radha Syamasundar in Vrindavan, India
May 23, 2010

On the day of Aksaya Tritiya in Vrindavan, all large Goswami Temple Deities are covered with chandan Paste and not a bit of cloth used to cover the deities in the afternoon. The festival is also celebrated in our ISKCON Vrindavan temple and it usually continues for 21 days with the Utsava Vigrahas covered in chandan. The Deities are covered completely with chandan (sandalwood paste), which provides the Lord relief from the scorching heat of summer in the month of Vaisakha/Jyestha (May/June).

April 18, 2010

H H Mahanidhi Swami Maharaj, after extensive research has updated the Purushottam Masa Observance instructions, and the Glories of Purushottam Month.

Purusottama (adhika) Vrata 2010 15th apr--- 15th may