Jiva or Living Entity: Falldown of a Jiva

                                                                  Q. I have read in many places about the phrase 'fall down'. I am a bit confused about what is the meaning of fall down of a devotee?

                                                                  What does it actually mean when we say a devotee (both a neophyte and a elevated devotee) has fallen down? When can I consider that I have fallen down? Is it that when we deviate from the instructions of the spiritual master in a broader sense, or is it when we break any regulative principle; or is it both, or is it anything else? A Pure devotee cannot fall down (by Krishna's Grace). For aspiring devotees like us, since we are not pure, we are anyways fallen. So how can we identify that event of fall down  and take a recourse action to reinstate ourselves?

                                                                  Q: If the soul is part and parcel of Krsna (BG 15.7) and given Krsna is in the spiritual world and everyone in the spiritual world is infallible (BG 15.16), how is it that the soul has fallen into the material world in the first place?
                                                                  As Krishna's extended parts and parcels, the jiva has qualities like Krishna. One of those qualities is free will. Krishna has unlimited free will, whereas the jiva has tiny free will.
                                                                  When utilized properly, the jiva's free will is lovingly directed towards Krishna's service and seeking His happiness.