September 25, 2010


Aug 20th 2010 was a hot and sunny day in Detroit. HH Romapada Swami Maharaja, very mercifully, visited us to give his transcendental association and inspire us to take to devotional service at a deeper level. He flew from NY, but just prior to that he had completed a long and strenuous international journey. Maharaja was still experiencing some jet lag from the international travel and seemed very tired. Later I came to know that Maharaja had not rested for 20 hours straight; and the program was scheduled at 6:30 PM (only an hour after he arrived). In spite of that, Maharaja was in a totally ecstatic mood to speak Krishna-katha.

March 31, 2009

Sri Radha Kunjabihari, ISKCON Detriot

The most awe inspiring moment of this visit was when Maharaja chose to give a lecture on the very day of his arrival from India after a long and grueling journey. Inspite of his obvious exhaustion, he gave an hour long discourse, followed by a 30 min Q&A session culminating in an hour long private discussion with some devotees & their families.

We all felt very inspired by his commitment, sincerity and humble mood of service. Maharaja conducted lively seminars on Essential Principles of Krishna Conscious Grhastha Life and gave deeper insights into relationships between husband & wife, between parents & children and talked about effective parenting.