Guru Maharaja at Mexico 1
June 9, 2008

The soul is transcendental. We are transcendental. Unfortunately, we've abandoned ourselves and gone into this other territory called the illusory energy, identifying ourselves with it instead. So many efforts are made in the form of transcendental literature, in the form of giving association, in the form of the Holy Name, in the form of practices – so many forms – to pull us out of that dark place of ignorance wherein we are abandoning ourselves and identifying with what we are not. How can we possibly understand Krsna if we cannot let go of that darkness of ignorance and misconception of self? Just abandonment of self; going somewhere else and trying to be happy.

-- Adapted from a lecture given by Srila Romapada Swami on the occasion of Gita Jayanti, 2007.

HH Romapada Swami in Jaipur, India Nov 2009
April 5, 2010

According to Srila Bhaktisiddhanta's teachings, instead of finding faults in others, we should try to look inside and contemplate on how to improve ourselves. That will become an agent to help us improve the situation outside of us in a similar way. So, how do we look at ourselves?

October 1, 2007

A faithless person hears but has some uncertainty: "Well that's very interesting, but will it work for me?" We probably all have experience of this with either ourselves or other persons who we're trying to help with their faith in God who feel: "Oh, I'm so lowly and so disqualified, it can't work for me." It may not even be explicit, but there's something in their hearts that says that. "It's good for some people because they're this kind, but I'm that kind." Faithless. Where there's faith, one sees that the real qualification is universal. You just have to be spirit soul. That is every one of us!

HH Romapada Swami during Puri Yatra Dec 2010
February 21, 2011

Sanatana Gosvami, who is so elevated that he advises Lord Caitanya, comes before the Lord as if he is a complete fool. He makes persuasive arguments as to how he is a complete fool. One of those arguments he makes is that, "People think of me as a learned person and I am thinking that's true." Sounds familiar?

June 5, 2017

If we accept the covering of the soul to be the self and abandon the soul then there are unavoidable miseries. People are so caught up in the miseries and they are trying their very best to adjust their miseries but it never gets adjusted because the foundation is still there. They have to remove the foundation of abandonment of self and the mistaken identity of self. Otherwise, miseries perpetuate. Prabhupada calls it in this purport as the “insoluble factors of material existence”.

Adapted from a lecture by His Holiness Romapada Swami on Srimad Bhagavatam 1.08.01-05 STRINGENT LAWS OF ALMIGHTY BY HH ROMAPADA SWAMI