Reference to Vaishnava Literatures: Nectar of Instruction

                                                                  Q. Srila Prabhupada said in certain places that one should accept a spiritual master whose guidance will make one's life perfect. Would it make any difference to one's spiritual progress if the spiritual master one accepted was:

                                                                  Q. I live in a devotee community and often feel that I don't know how to associate with others. I love them and try to serve them but all too often I just don't feel emotionally safe in their association. I don't feel free to be open in case they hurt me and thus I am wasting my life constantly holding back (defending like a kicked dog). I am desperate for some clarification on this point.

                                                                  Q. In some ISKCON temples, we see that celebrations are held for Rama-navami for example, and pictures of Sita Rama Lakshman Hanuman are displayed and revered by those who have some particular affection for those personalities. However, it seems that to honor Allah or Jehovah, Jesus Christ or Lord Buddha alongside Krishna would not be as readily acceptable. Someone asked me recently if there was any type of ceremony on Christmas and seemed a little surprised that nothing was done.

                                                                  Q. 1. Time-management is a big issue for students. While it is important to be responsible in our studies, there is also a desire to spend more time in spiritual activities. How can a neophyte with a very biased priority learn to balance time between sadhana, other spiritual activities and day-to-day work?

                                                                  Q. 1. In ISKCON devotees always say that we should talk about Lord only. I work in a public sector corporation. I have many friends; they are materially very much attached. They tease me and they even tease my Lord.

                                                                  Q. In the loving association of devotees, I am very slowly developing an "unmotivated" love for the wonderful devotees. But somehow I am also simultaneously realizing, that there is a lot of impersonal attitude towards others who are not devotees of Krishna.