Reference to Vaishnava Literatures: Nectar of Devotion

                                                                  Q. What qualifies one for devotional service and what are the practical means by which perfection in devotion may be achieved?

                                                                  Nectar of Devotion describes that even if one is not in a perfectly purified condition, contact with a pure devotee, and an unflinching attraction for Krishna are preliminary qualifications that make one eligible for devotional service.

                                                                  Q. This is a question on BG 2.45. Sri Krishna advises 'trai-gunya-visaya veda' by asking us to rise above the Vedas; and in some other chapter He says 'shrutis mrutir mamaivagya...', thereby asking us to study the Vedas. Could you please clarify.

                                                                  In BG 2.45 Krishna is advising Arjuna to rase above the three modes as described in the Vedas, not above the Vedas. In the purport, Srila Prabhupada explains that Arjuna is being advised to raise himself to the transcendental position of the Vedanta philosophy.

                                                                  Q. What are the similarities and differences between Vishnu and Krishna.

                                                                  Vishnu is a plenary expansion of Krishna or Lord Narayana for the purpose of material creation. He is the same as Krishna in the sense that all plenary expansions are equally powerful as Krishna. In that sense, all the expansions such as Narayana in Vaikuntha are called 'Vishnu tattva' as opposed to the jiva-tattva or the miniscule living entities.

                                                                  Q. Even after doing lot of pious activities, devotional services one still undergoes lot of suffering? Why?
                                                                  What is the solution? Good people go through bad things and Bad people go through good things? Why?

                                                                  Q. During one of our recent discussions in our study group there was a discussion on siddha svarup.

                                                                  One of the devotees said that the spiritual master would reveal one's svarup at some point of time when such a disciple has reached such a stage. My humble opinion is that such a practice is not there in ISKCON and as and when a devotee reaches such a stage of advancement it will be known to him naturally.

                                                                  Can I humbly request you to kindly clarify this?