Reference to Vaishnava Literatures: Bhagavad Gita

                                                                  Q. Can Vishnu be classified as Demigod? (When I am listing all the demigods to these kids)

                                                                  No, Vishnu is not one among the demigods, but is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The demigods are empowered administrators of material affairs, and are like different assistants or limbs of the Personality of Godhead, something like the different cabinet ministers are to the Chief Executive of State.

                                                                  Q. Why does a particular sampradaya not just teach as it is what it believes in, instead of trying to compare and contrast with other sampradayas and constantly try to prove its view point or interpretation as the last word?

                                                                  Q. Kindly inform me on what basis we identify Krishna/Bhagavan Vigraha, which is sat chit ananda, with deity/archa which is made up of matter. I want to know the Gaudiya logic and appropriate scriptural backing.

                                                                  Q. While practicing Krishna consciousness, sometimes I am very enthusiastic and sometimes I feel very morose. The cause for being morose is not being able to see any change in my attitude. Please help me.

                                                                  Q. As a householder we do not have to give up our job, but change our consciousness in doing it. One way of doing it is to donate a portion of the income coming from the job for Lord Shri Krishna's service and use the rest to maintain and raise the family in Krishna consciousness.

                                                                  Q. I am getting married and I would like to know how to control my sexual feelings as a vaishnava. Will Krishna be angry with me if I chant and my wife does not want to chant?

                                                                  For a vaishnava, married life is an opportunity for cultivation of spiritual values. Take up the responsibility of marriage in a mood of service to another soul, a devotee of Krishna, a vaishnava. This quality, when cultivated over some time, will lift you above rajo-guna, and the mood of being the enjoyer.