Inquiry Type: Insightful

                                                                  Q. Kindly inform me on what basis we identify Krishna/Bhagavan Vigraha, which is sat chit ananda, with deity/archa which is made up of matter. I want to know the Gaudiya logic and appropriate scriptural backing.

                                                                  Q. You have explained that the Supreme Lord Himself personally descends in the archa-murti at the request of the acharyas, and invests all His spiritual potencies within the Deity.

                                                                  The use of the word "descends" creates the impression in my mind that the murti is like a residence, with the Lord being free to leave anytime if He is not well taken care of. I've also heard from a senior vaishnava that Srila Prabhupada had once stated that the deity form is Krishna.

                                                                  Q. While reading Krishna Book I read that Garuda, a pure devotee of Lord Vishnu, used to visit Vrindavana and would eat fish from Yamuna River. I also read that every living entity in Vrindavan is a devotee of Lord Krishna. It follows that the fishes were also devotees of the Lord. How can we understand this act of Garuda? My doubt is that in Vrindavan, especially when Lord Krishna was personally present, all living beings (including fishes) in Vrindavan were in their spiritual form. How can living being in spiritual form be killed?

                                                                  Q. "Spiritual Masters are representatives of God". I think this statement applies to person who is an acharya and not anyone and everyone who preaches Krishna consciousness. Am I right? Can you expand a little bit and explain.

                                                                  Q. 1. Also, if a man is born as sudra, is he not eligible to study the shastras, because the sudra's karma is to help all other varnas?

                                                                  As you stated in the initial premise of your question, one cannot be designated as sudra solely on the basis of birth, but by guna and karma.