Inconceivable Topics: Guru representing Krishna

                                                                  Q. In several verses of Caitanya caritamrita it is stated that the spiritual master is a manifestation of Krishna, and that because we due to our conditioned nature cannot see Krishna directly, He appears as the spiritual master and such master is non-different from Krishna (Cc Adi 1.58).

                                                                  Is the spiritual master a jiva soul? If so, can a jiva be then a manifestation of Krishna and how does that work? Are all jivas manifestations of Krishna but at different levels?

                                                                  Yes, the spiritual master is a jiva soul, fixed in anukula- bhakti unto Krishna.

                                                                  Q: Sastra says guru is the representative of Lord Krishna and we should not see him as an ordinary man. At the same time we read that also great personalities can fall down from the position of guru (SB 5.18.4 p and Adi-lila 7.110 p).
                                                                  So my question is how do we are supposed to see the guru? How can we reconcile both statements? It seems very difficult to me to worship my guru as the representative of Krishna and at the same time thinking he can fall down from his position.