A conditioned living entity is under the control of an unkind master (Maya)

Summary: The attached file illustrates how maya literally slaps the living entity (japatiya dhare) while they are happily searching for sense gratification, all the while turning their attention away from Krishna's service. This is a fact of life, which we need to learn, and not be so surprised when it happens. Maya is not a kind master!

Reading Assignment

a) July 15, 1976 Evening Lecture At Gita-Nagari Farm by Srila Prabhupada

Different kinds of living entities
December 8, 2006

Summary: In very clear and simple language, Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura describes the fall of the jiva. Of course, Srila Prabhupada's statement are quite sublime: "Unless one develops full devotional service to Krsna, he goes up only up to brahmasayujya but falls down. But after millions and millions of years of keeping oneself away from the lila of the Lord, when one comes to Krsna consciousness this period becomes insignificant, just like dreaming.

The Lord performs varieties of functions from His various limbs
June 29, 2008

In Sri Brahma-samhita, within the purport to text 32 (where it specifically deals with the subject of Krsna's interchangeable senses) it is quite clear that perfected jivas have a spiritual body with interchangeable senses as does the Lord.

Reading assignment

Sri Brahma-Samhita 5.32 purport: