Lord Caitanya reassures Srivas Pandit about his economic security

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Devotee's greatest enemy by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

a) Morning walk conversation in Paris on 12 June 1974

Devotee: Prabhupada, what is a devotee's greatest enemy?

Prabhupada: He himself. Because he is a rascal, he is his own greatest enemy. Give up this rascaldom, and you will become your friend. Nobody is your enemy. You are your own enemy.

b) Sri Caitanya-bhagavata, by Vrindavan Das Thakur.

THE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF SRIVAS PANDIT Srila Vrindavan Das Thakura's Chaitanya Bhagavata Antya 5.38-64

Saintly association is of prime importance!

Summary: In all ages, the singular importance of saintly association is ALWAYS stressed, and is highly effective, in fact essential, in bringing relief from the awful symptoms of degradation within the modes of nature.

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a) QUALITIES OF THE AGE OF KALI (Purport to S.B. 1.16.21, Srila Prabhupada)

Sisupala although consistently inimical towards Krsna was awarded salvation by the Lord

Summary: Jamadagni, the father of Lord Parasurama, was visited by a powerful king, Kartaviryarjuna. The king became envious of Jamadagni's opulence, specifically in the form of Jamadagni's kamadhenu. The king wanted to have the kamadhenu for himself, so when Jamadagni denied Kartaviryarjuna's request to give him the wish-fulfilling cow, the king forcibly stole the property of the exalted brahmana, along with the calf. Parasurama proceeded to retrieve the kamadhenu, and killed Kartiviryarjuna in the process. Below are the words spoken by Jamadagni at the time of receiving his kamadhenu back from Parasurama.


Hitler, Rahu ... doubts and Krishna consciousness

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a) Letter to: Krsna dasa Vrindaban 7 November, 1972

72-11-07 My Dear Krsna dasa,

Dhruva prays that Lord is the causelessly merciful maintainer

Summary: Material desires can easily draw us to the position of being taken far from the path of devotional life. A sincere devotee is quite aware of this danger, and takes all precautions to not indulge; even a small indulgence very quickly draws one into significant foolishness! To receive the Lord's protection from these desires, we need to be very very sincere in our purpose!

Supreme Lord teaches us how to face calamities

Summary: Soon we will be celebrating Rama Navami. The glories of Rama Lila are many, particularly highlighting the incredible standards of virtue which Lord Rama exemplified. The passage quoted below focuses upon the virtues revealed by Lord Rama when faced with a horrific reversal of Fate; instead of being crowned Regent (incumbent King), he is banished to the forest for 14 years! Total injustice, total insult, total unfairness...without any cause or provocation.