Common Impediments: Depression

                                                                  Q. I have recently experienced a miscarriage in my 11th week of pregnancy. Though my husband and I are coming to terms with the fact that maybe this was not the right time for the soul to manifest and though we are trying our best to take shelter in the scriptures, it has not been easy. I have many questions that seem unanswered and I feel extremely helpless and fallen as chanting the holy name also appears tasteless to me. My husband and I feel guilty that I did not take some external hormones that were prescribed to me during my pregnancy, as we wanted to keep the pregnancy as natural and free from medicines as possible. We feel guilty now that maybe it was because I did not take those tablets that the soul in my womb is no longer there?

                                                                  Q. Is guilt for past deeds a good thing? I feel guilty of past mistakes done when there was no knowledge of Krishna Consciousness; however, that guilt makes me sad and dejected. How to counteract feeling low out of guilt and rather use that realization to become more determined and enthusiastic for Krishna Consciousness.

                                                                  Since Bhaktivinoda Thakur uses the term 'regret' instead of guilt, I am going to respond to your question using the term 'regret'

                                                                   1) I have a tendency to retaliate if someone says something bad to me. I have heard in a lecture that 'If you retaliate you may please yourself but If you do not Retaliate you please Krsna'. However I am not able to practically apply it in my Life. Please suggest dome practical ways to overcome this tendency.
                                                                    2) I have a tendency to compare myself with others. If I see someone in a materially better condition I feel depressed. This tendency is automatic and I am not able to overcome it. Please help me.

                                                                   1) There is no hard and fast rule as to WHEN one should act strongly when one is offended/wronged vs. simply tolerating it.