Common Impediments: Fear

                                                                  Q. Your answer in Digest 245A is convincing when it comes to material fears. But I would like to know the following:

                                                                  1. In my school and home, I was taught not to sin and that God punishes those who sin. Can you kindly define "sin"?

                                                                  Q. I have a question about overcoming fear. Although the fear that I’m experiencing is purely on the material platform, I still would like to hear from you how I can get over it from a Krishna conscious perspective.

                                                                  In a few days I will be defending my Masters thesis. Theoretically, I clearly understand that results are up to Krsna but I do not know why I'm disturbed by this fear. The situation is such that I’m not even able to concentrate properly on my prescribed rounds.

                                                                  How do I fix myself in the proper consciousness?

                                                                  Q. 1. As advised by you I read BG 2.56 and 4.10. I now understand how attachment, fear and anger can prevent us from moving forward on this path. In my own case I have great fear of losing what I have if I take this path. I feel that I have worked hard for getting whatever I have and I will lose it all on this path. I guess I have taken shelter of whatever fruits I have obtained through my hardwork.  I did not have this fear earlier, I feel it only now.

                                                                  Q. I'm interested to know what if by nature or past impressions I'm a loner,  always avoiding people/devotees, less expressive or completely seeming introvert, how can I overcome this nature because a part of me wants to be spontaneous or break open but other part holds me back? I fear that due to  exhibiting such nature I may be failing to establish good association/relation as I feel loosely connected to others!

                                                                  I have two very simple recommendations for you.

                                                                  One is to find JUST ONE PERSON with whom you can openly express yourself, and invest in that relationship.

                                                                  Q: Although I heard in different classes about the temporary nature of this body and associated attachments and relations, when it comes to practicality I forget everything and act in a very unpleasing way, for which I regret very badly later. Could you kindly explain me how is it possible to remember this at the very unpleasant situations and apply practically and take shelter in such difficulties?


                                                                  Without being attached to Krishna, we will be attached to the temporary. Asat-trsna means 'thirst for the impermanent'.

                                                                  This 'thirst' comes from the contaminated subtle body. Jiva Goswami calls this the 'antahkarnah'. See the below for explanation; association with and hearing from sadhus is the means to overcome this contamination: