Grihastha Ashram: Training in Grihastha Ashram

                                                                  Q. My question is related to my future life. Very soon I am going to get married. My would-be life partner does not know anything about Hare Krishna movement. I do not know how to tell her about it. She is very fond of listening to film songs. I am not sure how to divert her to Krishna conscious life. Please help me how can I tackle the situation.

                                                                  Q. Is it possible in this age for a couple (not yet married) to strictly follow the vedic scriptures for spiritual benefits? We are doing that right now, and I want to continue in that path, but don't know if that will be possible after marriage.

                                                                  Yes it is possible to follow the regulative principles strictly even after marriage even in the current day and age but to reach there both parties need some training and preparation before one enters the grhastha asrama.

                                                                  Q. 1. What are the responsibilities of an ideal husband and wife, pertaining to household activities in the current generation?

                                                                  The Vedic terminology for ideal household life is “Grihastha-Ashrama.” The word “ashrama” means a place or situation conducive for spiritual cultivation. Thus, the primary responsibility in grihastha-ashrama, for every member of the household, is to maintain a favorable atmosphere at home for the collective spiritual progress of the family. With this ultimate goal in mind, the husband and wife should co-operate to execute their respective roles and duties.

                                                                  Q.1. What is the purpose of marriage as viewed by ISKCON?

                                                                  The purpose of marriage is to provide an opportunity for all the members in the family to properly support one another to peacefully practice and grow in their Krishna Consciousness. In Vedic scriptures, the institution of marriage is referred to as an "ashram" or a sacred place of purification.

                                                                  Q: Lately I read the part of Mahabharata when Draupadi talked to Satyabama how she served her five husbands. She said she was the first to rise from bed and the last to take rest. She would never enjoy anything her husbands didn’t enjoy, nor would she perform any act disagreeable to them, among many others. I feel ashamed when thinking of her sacrifice and virtue. So what is an ideal wife like in this Kali yuga? How can we make the best of our role as a wife in this life?

                                                                  Please refer to Digest 299